Le Thuy Giang PT.I

@_jangg shot by me

Clothing: Subtle and Simple
Location: Kurious Cafe Bangkok, Thailand

There are very few people I personally know that really inspire me with their work in a creative way. Giang, co-founder of the Hanoian brand Subtle and Simple is one of them. I respect her so much as a friend for her personality, but also for her ambition and work. I also really adore Viet, her boyfriend who is the other half of the brand, but more because he is really really funny haha. But I'm sure he deserves his credit as well, the things is, that he is just too funny to consider anything else. Giang is one of those people who exactly know what they want. Or at least that's how I feel. She is fearless and stubborn but in a good way. And I really admire her for that. When I first got to know her, she talked so little and I was a little intimidated by her, but after having known her for a while, I can only talk highly of her. She is not the lovey dovey type, so she might find reading this a little creepy : ))))

In my opinion Subtle and Simple is growing into a brand like no other on the Vietnamese fashion market. With its own aesthetics and brand values, I'm so confident that they will outgrow the local market sooner or later. To me, Subtle and Simple is a brand that needs to be known internationally. Watch out for their next collection. I've seen previews and I'm already in love ! 

Oh and these photos were taken during our recent Thailand trip. After lunch we went to this cafe, which belongs to a hotel, and can I please mention how shooting-friendly public cafes in Bangkok are ? Seriously we spent like one hour shooting all kinds of things from flatlays to outfits there and nobody said a thing, they kept being friendly and smiling : )
I really like shooting Giang because she has a deep expression and poses so naturally. This is the first set of images I took for her. It's been a long time since I have taken photos I love this much ! I hope you guys like them as much as I do <3


Photos by Bis Nguyen

T-shirts, Jacket, Belt - Project 1990 / Glasses & Earrings - Floralpunk / Shoes - Vans

Honestly speaking from all of my streetstyle shootings so far this one is the closest to my daily average style. If you see me running around on a daily base, it's mostly me in black skinny jeans, a T-shirt and Vans haha. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to dressing up these days because most days just involve running errands, shootings for Floralpunk or going to Pilates. A lot of people ask me where to buy plain T-shirts here in Vietnam, so yeah, Project 1990 is an option. 

Another version of me

I think I have changed.

Change is something that always happens very subtle and slowly in my life. It often happens without me realising it. The changes that I want to force upon myself never actually happen. In my life it is always more a progress. This is the first time that I'm so conscious about a change that is going on in my life. My feelings, I don't throw myself into them, I observe them. I look at my life, how it is and where I want it to go. I feel like I have influence on what's going on. But as scary as life is, you never know whether you are doing the right thing. I really try to act based on my values and expectations of life, so I won't have to regret anything later on. The least thing you want is a life of regrets. 

I even look different now, just because I decided to buy concealer. I have never really used concealer before and never realised its real impact until now. At 24. Wow.